Optical illusions are a great way to peak inside our personality. They discover a hidden or not so hidden part of it and help us get in touch with ourselves. Well, today we are going to do just that.

There is a picture that you have to see in order to make this test. The picture is a pretty simple one, black and white, drawn only with a marker.

What Kind of a Person are you

There are two possibilities – you can either see an elderly gentleman or a young lady. The answer will reveal your true personality.

1. If you happen to see an elderly gentleman, then you are an honest, calm and a very loyal person. The people around you believe that you are worthy of respect and very reliable.

You want to analyze a lot, which helps you make the right decision, making you a natural leader. Taking initiative is a big part of you and leading people in some direction is the part that follows.

You can easily set up a goal in front of you, and you slowly plan every step in order to accomplish that particular goal. This kind of an approach gives you the time to think and keeps you away from impulsive decisions.

You are a perfectionist and that puts you under a lot of stress. Sometimes remember that you just need to let go of things and let them handle themselves.

2. If you happened to spot the young lady first, then you must be an optimist with loads of positive energy. You are always interested in more things than one and are always in the hunt, trying something new.

You do not like to plan ahead, making you act on impulses and be an amazing adventurist.

On the other hand, happiness is an important part of your life and share your joy with other people. You are always generous with your time as well as with your money.

You are more determined and powerful than you think. No matter the circumstances, you can stand your ground and look towards the future.

You work with yourself to make yourself better and move forward. Finally, you never hold things back and that is why it is easy for you to find a solution to any problem.

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