The Avocado Peel Is Really A Gold Mine, A Pure Remedy For Chilly Sores

A number of studies have demonstrated the amazing benefits of the avocado peel with regards to health. Most recently, new therapeutic compounds had been found in this particular fruit which has proven to be the extremely helpful.

 The actual outer layer or the shell, has attributes that assist in the treatment of malignancy, heart diseases, along with other afflictions, based on a research introduced at the 255th National Conference of the United States Chemical Community.This research is the very first which was able to highlight the importance of avocado seeds husks, and researches pretty soon started to call it ”the gold mine” because of the large quantities of valuable substances.


The researchers ground about 300 dried out avocado seeds shells as well as obtained almost 600gr of natural powder that they prepared in order to get around three teaspoons filled with oil, and additionally about 3gr of polish wax.

During this research process, they discovered 116 substances in the avocado’s essential oil and additional 16 in the avocados seed shell as well.

One of the components that makes the actual avocado} oil which is found behenyl alcohol, is the greasy alcoholic drink also known as docosanol.

This essential oil is used for the preparation of antiviral medicines, especially for treating chilly sores created by the herpes virus.

They also discovered heptacosane, the substance that may inhibit the expansion of tumor cells in your body.

It is believed that approximate production of avocados per year in the world is in the range of 5 million pieces, however, only a few producers extract the natural oils for our consumption through the seeds.

In most cases, these people eliminate the covering shell that encompasses the avocados prior to processing all of them.

Scientists claim that from this breakthrough, they will strive to modify a number of these natural substances found in the fresh avocados peel off layer so that they can be applied as medications which will cause little to no side effects when ingested as medicine..

Now you know that the avocado is not just a fresh and delicious fruit to enjoy during the day, but it may also be used as a natural remedy to boost up your health.

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