The 7 things you should never talk about

Trust is very important. They say that it is difficult to gain, and it is easily lost. Trust is being studied, and there are also beliefs according to certain religions.

 According to Hindu religion, these seven things should be kept for yourself, and you do not trust anyone.1. Don’t Dislose Family Issues

What happens in the family, stays in the family! Even though you think that sharing family problems with your closest persons is a way of relief, sharing personal issues with a few people makes the image that they are more than they actually are.

2. Don’t Boast About Your Charitable Acts

Charity is a humane characteristic, but lose from its value if you are boast around about your good acts.

3. Don’t Tell Everything You Hear

In a case you heard something wrong, bad for anyone else, do not share further.
Hearing bad and negative news might impact you negatively, and it will only waste your energy.

4. Keep Vision for Life for Yourself

Not everyone will share your spirituality, your vision of life, your thoughts and ideas. Therefore, you should keep this to yourself in order to avoid being questioned in personal and profound aspect.

5. Keep Your Future Projects

Plans are important part of our lives. Still, your plans keep for yourselves. You never know from where can come an obstacle.

6. Don’t Reveal Intimacies

The intimate’s things such as food choices, sleeping, love dates, should be only your personal thing.

7. Keep Your Heroic Acts to Yourself

In case of act of heroism, or you had a courageous attitude, there is no need to talk about it to everyone.

If other people saw this, you would get your well-deserved recognition, while if it was something which wasn’t seen you can still get the needed recognition without telling about it.

As a matter of fact, it’s crucial to bear in mind that personal identity is preserved by making certain lines of protection.

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