Take Care Of Your Body With These Amazing Tricks and Tips

Every girl wants to be attractive and beautiful. But, you do not need to spend more money on expensive products because there are some effective home recipes that will help you get the wanted results.

 Here are some natural beauty tips that will save money and time:Saltwater solution. It will help you reduce the swelling and get fresh look on the face. Dissolve salt in water and soak a towel. Apply the towel to the face and leave it for ten minutes.

-Oil and toothbrush. It will help you have fuller lips. Apply cosmetic oil to the lips (lip balm, almond oil or peach oil) and rub gently with a soft toothbrush for one minute.

-Olive oil. Use it for moisturized and glowing skin. Massage the face with olive oil to make the skin matte, smooth, soft and clean. Steam the face at first, and massage the face with the oil for seven minutes. Do it every four to five days for best results.

-Honey. It will help you eliminate acne and reduce inflammation. Apply honey on the acne and let it stay for fifteen minutes and wash it off with warm water. It will reduce the pimple and make it look less noticeable.

-Eye drops. It will help you reduce face inflammation. Soak cotton pad in eye drops (redness-reducing) and place it in the freezer for three to five minutes and that apply pressure with it on the inflamed area.

-Homemade makeup remover. Combine clean water and olive oil in ratio 3:1 in a glass jar. Shake it and it is ready.

-Baking soda. It will help you eliminate ingrown hair. Mix one tsp. of baking soda, one tsp. of ground oatmeal and one tbs. of water. Stir the mixture and apply it to the skin and leave it for five minutes. Rinse with hot water.

-Baking soda. It will help you reduce the bags and dark circles under the eyes. Add one tsp. of baking soda in one glass of tea or hot water and stir. Soak cotton pad and apply it under the eyes. Let it stay for ten to fifteen minutes and wash it off and then, use moisturizer. Do it on a daily basis and the results will be noticed in no time.

– Banana hair mask. It will help you have shiny and healthy hair. Mix one banana, one egg, one tbs. of honey and half glass of beer (dark) in a small bowl. Apply it on the hair and wait for couple of hours and wash it off with warm water. Do this one time per week.


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