MY 7 DAY EAT-CLEAN MEAL PLAN [Paleo, REBOOT, Green list, Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Refined Sugar free]

If meal planning stresses you out, why not take a look at this simple 7 day paleo meal plan to inspire you? Using leftovers makes life easy, plus some quick and easy meals that can be prepped in advance and make your week hassle free!

I know it seems like I am forever in the kitchen but the truth is, I spend as little time as possible during the week in there because the last thing I want is to slave for hours when I really could be (and NEED to be) doing a million other things. I love cooking and experimenting of course but for the quick and easy way to get through the week, I have to plan and prep in advance to free up my time in the evenings. You can pop over to my meal prep guide for more guidance with prepping.

What I’ve done with this plan is decided to stick to the ‘green list’ of the SG REBOOT in order to make this a real ‘eat clean’ menu. With my final week (just about) of my 8th REBOOT finally upon me, I wanted to keep it squeaky clean and green ! As with all my meal plans, I must add that these are for reference purposes only, are not prescribed, and I cannot guarantee that they will work for you. Yes, I studied a few nutrition courses and learnt a lot but I am not a qualified professional nutritionist so please do use these for inspiration to create and adapt your own plans. You can swap the meals around to suit you, the snacks are optional, if you’re not hungry then don’t feel you need to force yourself to eat added extras just because they’re listed. You are ultimately in control of what you eat but for those struggling to grasp what a REBOOT or clean-eating week looks like, this is a pretty good example of it!



Breakfast Snack (optional) Lunch Snack (optional) Dinner
MON 2 boiled eggs, ½ avo, grilled tomato apple Grilled chicken piece with mayo, 1 cup stir-fried veggies, and a green salad. Small handful biltong Cauli-broc soup, and homemade middlecut fish cakes
TUES Green smoothie and ½ an avo Banana Leftover soup and fishcakes ½ cup cucumber with mayo dip Pork chop, steamed baby carrots and green beans, homemade beetroot salad
WED Chia porridge with berries and almond flakes 3 baby carrots Large salad with grilled chicken breast pieces, mayo ‘dressing’ 5 sugar snap peas Mince bolognaise with zoodles, and a salad
THURS Titanium coffee, green smoothie Homemade seed crackers and nut butter Leftover bolognaise in gem squash apple Chicken curry, cauli-broc-kale rice, sambals
FRI Paleo hot ‘porridge’ with fruit 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds 2 egg omelette with peppers and chilli Banana Homemade patties, portabello mushrooms, cashew creamed spinach, salad
SAT Green smoothie and ½ avo Handful of biltong Chicken and bacon salad with mayo Avo mayo with sugar snap peas 2 loaded sweet potato skins (ostrich mince) with guacamole
SUN 2 eggs, tomato relish, ½ avo Banana and nut butter Leftover mince and ½ avo Crunchy veg sticks (peppers, carrots, cucumber) Baked hake, warm brussels sprouts and bacon salad, crushed roasted potato


I do hope you find the above helpful and useful! If you keep things simple and make prep a part of your weekend routine, you will absolutely be ready to tackle the week with ease (well, almost!). Good luck 🙂


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