Most Diseases Occur, Because This Is Happening With The Soul

Most diseases occur, because the soul is sick, but it does not cure nor medicine nor psychiatry. The body is sluggish, but you’re a man because of the spirit – you can “tell” your body to stand up, to work, to exercise.

With the body we have only this, the present moment, with it we cannot go into the past or the future, but with the spirit we can, we can say that in ten years we will be there.

Spiritual renewal is only a help for you, but not the help of God, a spiritual master, teacher; to help you to be honorable, successful, great man.

Spiritual renewal is a renewal of you as a man, renovation of your conscience. What is conscience? It’s like your good friend, a cop on the street who says that at that point you cannot drive more than forty per hour, and if you drive a hundred and fifty you’ll go off the road, you will die. Conscience tells you: you must not swear, you cannot gossip, do not be rude to parents, do not be lazy, get up on time, it is the conscience. And if you do, it is good for you.

Conscience tells you not to swear, do not say bad words, encourage someone today, talk nice and gentle words – when you do, your entire body becomes healthy. The science of spiritual renewal says: Every negative word of yours, every one of your blasphemy, backbiting, and murmuring kills your every cell of your body and your brain.

So whenever you think negative – I cannot, I would not – you’re killing your brain cells, you become incompetent and sluggish. And when you are evil, no one wants to be with you.

Conscience is our body that tells us: Man, if you want to be happy, say good words, do not curse but bless people, do not ever say that you cannot but say I can.

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