Beer and egg mask: Your hair will grow and never fall

Hair loss is an aesthetic problem that can affect our self-esteem and social life.

Various factors contribute to this phenomenon, such as genetics or certain medical conditions,( diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances), and excessive exposure to various chemical treatments, dyeing, continuous exposure to heat, etc.

If you are facing with this annoying condition, try this incredible repairing hair mask, which will revitalize your hair, and prevent its fall.

Mask of beer and egg

You need:
-Can of beer without alcohol

-3 egg yolks

Put the beer in a glass and then stir until the most amount of gas is eliminated.In a suitable container place the egg yolks in it, and add the beer little by little.

Stir until you get homogeneous mask.

With a brush you must apply the mask little by little, the intention of this way of applying the mask is for all the roots to be soaked in it.

What about to use it to wet the rest of the hair, you must cover the hair with a plastic cap, and let it act for 30 minutes, after this time you should wash the hair as usual.

The egg has excellent properties that benefit the hair, moisturizes and nourishes at depth.

The beer, in turn, is better than you might have thought, it contains hops and barley that protect the hair cells.

This air mask prevents the fall and increases growth eradicating this annoying problem, also provides brightness and softness, and all this thanks to its high content of vitamins group B.


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