Awesome Remedy That Makes Your Lips Soft And Pink In Just 10 Minutes

When you are getting prepared for a gathering or a capacity, the imperative piece of your all cosmetics is to put on some amazing lipstick. A dull shade of lipstick or sparkling lip gleam will improve your look.

Yet, it harshly affects your lips.

Regular usage of lipstick can make your lips dull and it loses the normal pink shading. All the ladies who smoke, additionally confront the problem of having harsh lips which get darker in shading.

Moreover, caffeine and exposure to daylight can also obscure our lips. As the things are like this, you should think how to get back the child blushing shade of your lips.

There is one characteristic remedy that can help you to reestablish the pink shade of your lips. The remedy also makes the lips smooth and delicate.
Here is a nitty gritty formula that you should take after in order to get pink lips in the blink of an eye.

Ingredients needed:

1 cup Lemon juice
1 tsp  Sugar  (crystal)

The procedure:

-Take one cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
-Add 1 teaspoon of crystal sugar in the lemon juice.
-Mix it gently but don’t dissolve totally the sugar in the juice.
-Apply the mixture on your lips and gently scrub it.
-After that, rinse off the dead cells on your lips with warm water.
Apply some lemon juice on the lips before you hit the bed and let it act overnight.

Use this remedy 5-6 days in a row and you are going to get back your soft and pink lips.

You can also make a propensity that every time you apply lipstick on your lips you should to evacuate it delicately at the prior night dozing.
Similarly, after expelling the lipstick you can apply some lemon squeeze on your lips and rest tight. This standard is going to keep up the pink shade of your lips furthermore keep t lips skin sound.

Start doing this today it and reestablish the excellent pink shade of your lips.

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