A Story You Need to Read: Mom, Why Are You Crying?

This is a brief story with a great life message. It’s definitely worth your reading.

A boy asked his mother: “Mom, why are you crying?”

“Because I’m a woman.” – she said.

“I don’t understand.” – said the boy.

The mother embraced her child and said: “You also will never understand.”

Later the boy asked his father: “Why is mom crying without a reason?”

“All women cry without a reason” – was the only thing his father could say.

The boy grew up, became a man and still continued asking why women cried. In the end he called upon God. When he had his attention, he asked him: “God, why do women start crying so easily?”

God responded to him:

“When I created the woman she needed to be special.

I gave her shoulders powerful enough to carry all the weight of this world, but made her gentle enough to offer consolation.

I gave her an internal force to overcome childbirth and the rejection that so often she receives from her children.

I gave her a resilience which will enable her to go on when everyone else has given up and to take care of her family in times of sickness and trouble without any objection whatsoever.

I gave her a tenderness to love her children no matter what, even when a child of hers causes her great pain.

I gave her strength to lead her husband through all his mistakes and created her from his ribs so that she will protect his heart.

I gave her wisdom to know that the man who is good will never hurt his wife, but he will test from time to time her strength and determination to be constantly by his side.

And finally, I gave her tears to cry her heart out. It is for her use only whenever she needs it.

You see my son, beauty is not in the clothes she wears, her body or the way she combs her hair.”

The beauty of a woman can be seen in her eyes, because they are the gateways to her heart – the place where all the love is stored.

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